Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick post of Last-night's Dinner

Pretty Simple Dinner
I just want to share what I made for dinner last night. I strongly wish this post wouldn't bore any of you. In Japan the daily diet  has traditionally been considered as consisting of staple food (rice in rice-bowl) and supplementary dishes (either fish or meat plus some vegetables and so forth).
My husband likes soy-sauce base cooking.

 Omelet, fried minced beef and vegetable inside
 Tofu and radish, cooked with soy-sauce base soup

I once experienced that my foreigner guests had impression for plain rice as no taste. Very dry, fried rice I had in other countries during the trip made me SO surprised. The hot soft one right after cooked has slight sweet taste for me. I figure that rice is considered more of a kind of vegetable in western culture, right?

I am so ashamed that I put chopsticks "left-right reversal". My husband got impatient to eat and I was in so much haste when taking pictures.......  And also sorry for the poor images, as usual. 

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