Monday, August 25, 2014

Noodle for summer;

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         This is the simple summer noodle lunch I made; 
This noodle is called "so-men, 素麺". Somen is one of the popular lunch menu especially during hot summer. We have a phrase '喉越しがいい; nodogoshi-ga-ii', which means "pass down our throat comfortably" or 'palatable' for one word. It usually served cold with a light flavored dipping sauce or tsuyu. Like Soba noodle for summer version. With lots of other topic, I missed the chance of posting this drafted one and may be a bit late for summer. As we consider autum is getting close after Obon.      
Somen and cooked chicken

Soba has longer history but Somen is also one kind of noodle date back to 11th century. It is dried like the picture above and boiled in hot water, then drained, and rinsed in cold water. I used lots of ice to chill p:)
Here are the two links about Somen:    Sōmen ; Somen Noodles

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Joyful said...

Your noodles look yummy!