Sunday, November 6, 2016

Japanese Fall Tsetses;

Lunch with Aunt and Cousins*
Around middle of last month,  my aunt and cousins invited us to my birthday lunch.  Although my birthday is Sept., we needed to fix our schedule.  The restaurant serves high-class Japanese meal♪
    I had a wonderful day chatting and singing at Karaoke after lunch.

                                                             Dobin mushi (土瓶蒸し) 
It is a traditional Japanese broth, steamed and served in a earthenware called dobin tea pot with shrimp, chicken, soy sauce, lime, and matsutake mushroom. The special mushroom is a bit expensive and have great spicy aroma♪

Let me add chestnut-rice and pumpkin I cooked before fall is over :-)

                           Thank you SO much for stopping by♡♡♡

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