Saturday, July 30, 2011

Filleting into Sashimi

(Saturday, July 30, 2011)
My husband caught 5 black sea breams today (1 for us. 4 to the next neighbor). He left home before 5:00 this morning and came back around 8:30 to avoid the sun-shine.  Usually fileting is his job, haha. The fishing spot he goes, cars cannot get into. So he uses motor-bike carrying long bag on his back, which fishing rod inside. He makes me worry untill coming back. (he has handicap on his right leg) 
ps>  The road is too narrow for the car to his spot.

Leftovers from making sashimi usually cooked with soy sauce based soup and called "aradaki, あら炊き”.  I think grilled one with sault tastes better for this fish.  Anyways, these were our lunch today with egg-roll and salad.
just showing you how, hope these won't be the ugly pics. 

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