Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chestnut-rice and cooked veggies

Hello, I wanted to introduce you mainly chestnut-rice today.
Oh, my pictures are always poor and don't know why a bit of darkish; they just don't do the justice for the taste.  Yes, please believe me they were delicious and my hubby asked me when I would post meal topic next time, haha.
                               If you enlarge pictures, might look more delectable p;)
satoimo (local poteto/ literal translation, I couldn't find the English name), lotus root, devil's tongue, carrot, tofu, shiitake mushroom; cooked with soup-stock, suger, cooking-liquor, soy-sauce

fried salmon with butter (dredged katakuri-ko for salmon before flying, haha)  

this is the peeler for chestnut

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