Friday, June 1, 2012

Variety of Noodles in Japan (part 1)

*pictures from PC-sites*
You know my husband makes soba at home as a hobby. It is quite rare having it as a hobby, most people get surprised and say why he learned it unless he is not opening the restaurant; (if you are interested in reading about what it is like, please visit "Soba noodle" page from the side-bar. I will skip writing about it); I would like to show you variety of other noodles you can find in Japan.  
I don't know how much people in other country know about them, and I'd like to start with 2 kinds of popular ones. You may surprise to know we enjoy so may kinds of noodles.
Not necessarily so, but noodles are eaten mainly at lunch time. 

Udon noodle……… "soy sauce based soup"  We have variety types of topping for this one. And Udon noodle is white as wheat's hull are all removed when milling.  On the other hand, buckwheat noodle is a bit blackish as its hull are not completely milled. 

This one is cold version especially for summer called "zaru-udon"

Ramen………"chicken soup base"  This "chukamen noodle 中華麺" is kind of processed with adding egg and so on, so Ramen used with this type of noodle looks a bit yellowish. There are so many Ramen restaurants with variety of soup tastes which the owners sometimes keep its recipes strictly confidential.

This is chukamen.

As you may see from the pictures that Ramen is a bit greasy compared to Udon.
Oh, I wish to serve them to all my blogger friends,  To be continued;

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