Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cooked Bamboo shoot ♪

My Husband's favorite food, "Cooked Bamboo shoot" 
Tasty and seasonal gift form our next door neighbor. Young wife of the family has parents who are semi-agricultural and lives mountain side. I am not sure if you have a custom eating them in the western culture. I was a bit surprised because they were given earlier than the usual year. Its season starts from April and we can enjoy them until May. Boars love them as well and sometimes fresh shoots are sadly eaten by them. My late brother really loved the food and whenever I called him that I cooked them; he gladly rushed to pick them. 
We cannot see them in the stores yet and getting a bit expensive, we were blessed with the early precious gift. 

As they were the early harvest, they were smaller than they look.
I was surprised that hubby did the stripping job, haha 

Parboil them with a bit of rice bran to remove dirt

Simmer them about 10 minutes with soup stock soup, cooking liquor, sugar, soybean source
And the blackish square thing is "dried kelp", which use them for Japanese dish to help them more tasty 

Freshly dug ones are really soft and yummy, (for us hehe)

We sure could enjoy the taste of the season yesterday. And we have a saying that "Life is prolonged for 75 days when I eat a firstling" 
With my age, 75 days are really precious, p;)

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