Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cooked Japanese Pumpkin


Halloween is just around the corner and I thought I would like to show you how we eat pumpkin in Japan. I wonder if the big ones (ones used for Jack-o'-Lantern in western countries) are edible or not. I'm a bit curious about how you eat pumpkins for meal.  Must be a lot different from ours. 
And this is how my late mother used to cook for us.  I remember that the pumpkin was the only veggies she didn't allow me to cut when young (I was slicing cabbage when I was 7 or 8 years old, haha). There were no such thing called microwave-oven to soften them at that time. 

Cutting them like these, put some dried sea weed. And then cook them with powdered-soup stock, sugar, cooking sake, soy source.

Does this look yummy to you, p;)


Elisabete said...

So beautiful and delicious photos! Have a nice day!

BlueShell said...

I dear! I've never tried...but I will! The photos are charming...

Michiko Johnson said...

I feel more happy time in with you Miyako san!
I can come to see you all the time.
Ana tamo ganba-te kudasai mase..
Kage-ni ganba-te kudasai-mase

Lucinha said...


Não sou muito boa em culinária, mas como amo aprender sobre a sua cultura, eu vim aqui lhe visitar.
The looks is so yummy!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

You are right it is interesting to compare differences in our cultures, one of the reasons I love blogging. We have been enjoying pumpkin soup recently.