Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cooked Radish "ふろふき大根"

I've been wondering how radish is cooked in European cooking because we mainly eat it by using soy source. It helps us a lot when we don't have much appetite.

*"furofuki-daikon. ふろふき大根"
From our dinner several days ago.  Minced chicken meat on top is cooked separately from the radish and thicken them with starch. I think the soup is delectable as well. 

From this page you can see other varieties of them;

*Fried Tofu (揚げ出し豆腐. agedashi-toufu)
And this one I cooked last night.  Grated radish is inevitable as it upgrade the tastes a lot.   Funny that like my father and late brother, grating radish is my husband's job.

We sometimes have grated radish just putting the soy source. It is especially good for our stomach as the amylase it contains won't be destroyed without heat.
And I wish I could figure out why my pictures are bluish with the white back; calling to  support center both pc and camera maker hasn't been the much help(^^;) 

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