Monday, July 15, 2013

Umeboshi,"pickled plums" made by my husband♪

Not every year, but I used to make "pickled plums" Umeboshi・梅干し as my husband wished to have them in his lunch box before retirement.
This year my husband surprised me saying that he would like to try making them by himself.  I thought I should end up helping him a lot. However, he did his best and we satisfied with the pickles.

 with salt and we can have juice

*Memories of 'Sour-Sweetness'*
As my late mother loved them and I've seen how she made.  I've known how much efforts it requires. Well, especially in hot summer my mother looked refreshed having this sour pickles.  This site will teach you a lot about health benefit out of them. Making these pickles requires a lot of  process (link) to step. 

These lunch-box pics from PC-site

At the time of post-war period just several decades ago or another food shortage period, Japanese people had "hinomaru-benntou. Rising Sun flag-lunch box (literal translation)". As you can see it looks like our national flag.
Until my hubby retired, I used to make lunch box like the second one with Umeboshi in it.

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