Sunday, September 15, 2013

Autumn taste with mushrooms♪

I'd like to introduce you one of Autumn taste I cooked the other day. 

                      mushroom-rice (キノコ御飯 kinoko-gohan) 

It is a kid of flavored rice with soy source, sake, sugar and soup stock.  I put all the mushrooms you can see below which we can find in Japan. Added some shrimp. 

The store wasn't so crowded, so I took some photos of them with mobile phone.  There were some pine-mushrooms from a foreign country.  They are a little expensive, especially the ones from our own country. There will be another chance to show them p;)
I wonder if you have many kinds of mushrooms as much as we do. I never run out of them, especially the middle one on the top (various usages for it).
    Anyways, enjoyed the autumn flavor 


Joyful said...

Your autumn dish looks very delicious. I love mushrooms. We do have a lot of mushrooms here but they are all expensive, especially the imported ones or the fancy ones.

Barbara F. said...

I love this dish, all my favorite things: shrimp, rice, mushrooms, sake! Have a beautiful week, dear Miyako. We have different types here, most are large round ones, like Portobello, cremini, smaller ones called "button". xo