Monday, December 26, 2011

Gorgeous Homemade Christmas Dinner of my student♬

One of my students, (←link for the wedding day post) who married this Oct. living away from home city now, sent me pictures of her homemade Christmas Dinner. I praise her for her efforts♬♬♬  I wish I could be invited for her dinner!!!
She has interests in various field and kind of all-rounder, "studious, bake cakes, wishing to have job for children's education". Bear with me bragging my sweet student's delectable looking meal, haha. 

 *Homemade Cake

 Kamakura type Cake with lots of fruit inside!

    Here are pictures of Japanese Kamakura, tiny snow building ;like igloo not the same thing, though

*And Main Dish
 Beef stew
 Bacon Salad
 Carpaccio of the flatfish
 Homemade chicken ham and cheese
Homemade Embryo bun
 Champagne with apple taste

Haha, mine was just grilled chicken-leg, cooked veggies with soy-source base soup, cake from my favorite cake-shop. How simple♪
I know you are ready to say "What a difference!"  

I wish your Christmas was joyous and blessed one as well,

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