Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I made "cooked-mushroom-rice".  
My Dear friend Mariette and her husband are experts of mushroom and I was reminded of their health benefits. We can buy many types of mushrooms in Japan and I never fresh out of them especially "shiitake". That particular one is really useful being able to cook in various ways. Today, I'd like to introduce one dish used "shimejitake" my mother used to made for us.

This dish is called takikomi-gohan (cooked-mashroom-rice, maybe ^^;)

I put shimeji-mushroom, shrimp, chicken
seasoned with powered soup-stock, soy-source, cooking sake, sugar, dried sea-weed 

I'm making  some pieces of very thin fried egg and slice them. 
Hehe, I asked hubby to take a picture.

Scatter the sliced egg and cooked snow pea on top

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Draffin Bears said...

Your meal looks delicious and one I often cook with shitake mushrooms, rice and shrimps.
Thanks for sharing and hope you have a lovely weekend